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VTS Riveting Machine Type 150-2/ 50.4
VTS Riveting Machines contain a direct and centrical drive concept. This advantage allows a pneumatic-hydraulic impact element. Usually occurring losses of power as a result of impact redirection using flywheel, crank and con-rod e.g., simply do not appear in this concept. It enables a nearly maintenance-free machine with only one point of lubrication.

Type 150-2/ 50.4 has been developed to set small and beyond quadratic semi-tubular rivets – that means head diameter is bigger than length of the pole - fast and reliable. Consequently built as single modules VTS Machines can easily be integrated as components within customized assembly lines.

Technical data:

  • Stroke: 50mm
  • Power stroke: 4mm
  • Throat depth: 150mm
  • Length of rivets: 15mm
  • Diameter of rivets: max. 4mm
  • Drive mechanism pneumatic/hydraulic
  • Pressure: 8 kN at 4bar linear increasing (20kN at 10 bar)
  • Air consumption 0,5l per lift at 4 bar
  • Length of cycle: 1 second
  • Rivet feeding: automatically via vibration bowl feeder
  • Safety: automatic finger protection system
  • Working height: 900mm
  • Dimensions: 0,5m x 0,5m x 1,5m
  • Weight: 120kg

Manufacturing with Type 150-2 50.4:

Protective plate for bikes

Barrel ring catches

Seat belt chassis

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