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VTS Riveting machine Type 300-4/ 100.6
VTS Riveting Machines contain a direct and centrical drive concept. This advantage allows a pneumatic-hydraulic impact element. Usually occurring losses of power as a result of impact redirection using flywheel, crank and con-rod e.g., simply do not appear in this concept. It enables a nearly maintenance-free machine with only one point of lubrication..

The Type 300-4/ 100.6 has been developed to especially set long semi-tubular rivets fast and reliable. Processing of those overlong - up to 56mm - rivets is made without any additional helping devices like moving carrier plates, preventer mechanisms, etc.. Consequently built as single modules VTS Machines can easily be integrated as components within customized assembly lines.

Technical data:

  • Throat depth: 300 mm
  • Stroke: 100 mm
  • Power-stroke: 6 mm
  • Length of rivets max.: 42 mm
  • Diameter of rivets max.: 8 mm
  • Pressure: 16 kN at 4bar linear increasing (40kN at 10 bar)
  • Air consumption1,0l per lift at 4 bar
  • Length of cycle: 1 second
  • Rivet feeding: automatically via vibration bowl feeder
  • Safety: automatic finger protection system
  • Working height: 1100mm
  • Dimensions: 0,6 m x 0,8 m x 2 m
  • Weight: 300 kg

Manufacturing with Type 300-4 100.6:

Motorcar oil filter chassis

Aircon technology flow controller

Tubular frame for prams

Garlic press


Tin opener

Bike seat rack

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